Bankruptcy vs. Workouts

January 12, 2011

By W. Brooks Stillwell, published on January 12, 2011, in Business in Savannah.

Many businesses and business owners are in financial trouble during the current “Great Recession.”

Real estate related companies such as developers, community banks, mortgage brokers, realtors and contractors are particularly at risk. The reasons are simple: the bubble has burst, the value of commercial real estate has declined by 30% or more, the borrowers are required to continue to pay interest, the banks are required by the regulators to “clean up” their books by dumping real estate loans and demanding higher interest and earlier pay-downs of principal, and the borrowers have run out of cash at a time when their incomes are severely depressed.


Case Study: Millhaven Mitigation Bank

December 30, 1996

By W. Brooks Stillwell, published in Mitigation Banking, Theory and Practice in 1996 by Island Press, edited by Lindell L. Marsh, Douglas R. Porter, and David A. Salvesen.

Comment – Standing to Represent Corporate Claims in the International Court of Justice: The Barcelona Traction Case

December 30, 1970

Published in 1 Ga. J. Int’l & Comp. Law 179 (1970) by W. Brooks Stillwell

Recent Decision – Civil Procedure – Long Arm Statute – Foreign Corporation Not Doing Business in Georgia Which Commits Negligent Act Outside State Causing Injury Within State Not Subject to Jurisdiction of Georgia Courts

November 30, 1969

Published in November 1969 in Ga. St. Bar J., Nov., 1969, p. 202 by W. Brooks Stillwell